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Dear Speakers and Subject Matter Experts

Years ago, when I began my long career in graphic design, I discovered that when you add the emotional power of pictures to the factual ideas that words can carry you have a force greater than the two by themselves. Effectively combining words and images in my designs has been my secret super-power ever since.

The Speaker’s Guide to Effective Visual Presentations contains my new eBook, “The Art of Presentation” plus 6 super valuable eBooks and factsheets.

You will get a look inside how I create that perfect presentation specifically for you, your message and your talents. But it is about more than just pretty slides and well-chosen words. It is a glimpse at how I match the look, the feel and the message to you, the presenter. I try for a seamless fit, for slides that provide the perfect visual context for your comments. I want you to be confident and to present yourself as the world-class professional that you are. And I always try to remember: it is not about my slides, it is about you.

Topics include:

  • The power of emotion in Images
  • The Magical Combination: An image plus a few words
  • Successfully including a video in your presentation
  • Creating a walk-in experience
  • Setup slides head off technical snafus
  • Using quotes to extend a presentation’s Credibility
  • The black slide: a simple but powerful tool for presentations
  • Visuals can help build in humor
  • Presenting numbers effectively

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  • And of course “The Art of Presentation” my revolutionary look a how presentations should be created.

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