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NOTE: We must limit this offer to slides that do not have highly complicated charts and graphics and do not require specialized or original artwork, imagery or licensed video. If you are unsure, send us a sample deck — most slides submitted to this offer have not had this restriction.

Want to know more? Just email us your contact information and we will send you information on selecting a time when we can have a short call to discuss your needs. Then you can send us your slide deck and we are off and running!

“It’s the most memorable slide in the deck for my audience. They call her ‘that cute little girl’.

“They remember the text, and the concept, because of the perfect visual.”

Paul Schempp, “The Expertise Expert,” award-winning researcher
and professor at the University of Georgia

Dear Speaker:

Our 3-Slide Makeover is the fastest, easiest way to see if our expertise and designs are a good fit for you and your presentation. We will send you information to schedule a quick (15-30 minute) phone call. Then we can both decide if it would be good to proceed. Remember, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Your privacy and intellectual property rights are our highest concern. Please be assured we will safeguard your materials fully.

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